FIRSTLY…..If you come face to face with a person who wishes to issue you with an infringement notice….give them the details they require readily BUT ALWAYS deny any wrongdoing.
If a Traffic Cop asks why you were going so fast…you can refuse to answer or simply say “I genuinely believe you are in error sir”….NEVER say things like “was I”? or “I didn’t think I was going so fast” …NOTHING like an admission or lack of attention to your speedo. Same goes for parking notices or even not wearing your seat belt…if the document is written it is pointless begging because they cannot withdraw it….In my book I show you how to handle Fixed Camera Speeding Claims, Parking issues, and a variety of other claims where council workers, police, traffic officers, railway guards, hospital parking louts, bus conductors and about everyone else can give you financial ulcers.

My book Not Fine By Me will give you guidance on very often escaping a penalty (and saving your points) and indeed even escaping any costs.


SECONDLY…..Once you have been handed or posted your Infringement Notice, you will notice the very fine ‘options’ that are mostly designed to lock you into admitting you have some form of Guilt Complex and need to suffer.

First one is the Bait area…’Would you like to ask for Leniency’? Then they give you no space to actually write other than the words ‘help me I’m poor’. Thing is…by ASKING for ‘leniency you are immediately admitting guilt. Secondly you are asking the very department ESTABLISHED to extract money from you….to show leniency, when it is contradictory to their ACTUAL PURPOSE. This is like asking the Lion NOT to eat you.

Next section on their Demand with Threats of Escalating Evil Form is to offer you a DISCOUNT if you pay instantly a sum that is very close to a full weeks pay (interesting). Again, paying does two things. It ‘proves’ you guilty in their records AND makes them 100% gross profit for every ticket that pays up, with little effort.

Major point here….if Governments REALLY TRULY wanted us to stop speeding, the fines would be $5,000 minimum, BUT most folks couldn’t pay and then Government lose out by funding prison meals. FINES ARE SET TO CREATE A VERY POSITIVE CASH FLOW…not much concern about the actual ‘offences’ because they miss around 90% of them anyway. This is ONLY to generate free cash.

Remember…A ‘CLAIM’ is NOT a fact and if you decide to dispute then they have to prove their claims…MAKE THEM do so. It will always cost them more than it will ever cost you. My little book will tell you how and why.

The cameras, systems and ploys used in all major countries are fairly similar so my suggestions effectively cover the main ground rules…make accusers work for your money. Admit nothing and force them to prove their claims. Even if you lose in court and get handed a fine…Judges have flexibility on terms and how you pay considering your circumstances. There are also multiple ways to go around these issues later too.

Ultimately, you ONLY need to show DOUBT in the claim made. THEY have to prove to the satisfaction of the Court. Courts are quite easy to deal with and will cause you no stress if you stay calm and stay to the issues.

As time goes on we hope to align a few decent local Specialist Traffic Lawyers that we can publish onsite, so more victims can receive less insulting treatment from these authorized cash collectors.

So, hopefully you will take the step and for only a small sum, grab our great little ebook…and meanwhile, you can have FREE access to use my Copyright Speed Camera Calculator…This is totally able to prove when a Fixed Speed Camera is faulty…and most of them are. Watch my video. Use is totally free. Spread the word.

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